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Last Summer at Coney Island poster

Last Summer at Coney Island

Documentary filmmaker J.L. Aronson turns his attentions to Coney Island, one of the world's first and foremost amusement parks, and the ongoing battle over how to restore the dilapidated historic playground to its former glory. Over the past decade, many developers have come forward with plans to revitalize Coney Island, but now one particular developer with the money and motivation to get the job done has become determined to see his lavish dreams realized. But the locals aren't convinced he has the community's best interests in mind, and the Coney Island preservationists fear that his plans will transform an amusement park that was meant for everyone into a place where only the wealthy can afford to have fun. As the lines are drawn in the moist beach sand, the future of this once glorious landmark hangs in the balance.