Musical Chairs poster

Musical Chairs

A Latino dancer from the Bronx helps a privileged girl from the Upper East Side re-discover her lifelong love of dancing after a tragic accident renders her wheelchair-bound in this life-affirming musical romance. Hard working Armando (E.J. Bonilla) is a handyman with some seriously smooth moves, and talented dancer Mia (Leah Pipes) is the hot draw at a prominent Manhattan dance studio. In order to be closer to the action, Armando lands a job as a maintenance man at the studio. But just then, Mia is involved in an accident that robs her of the use of her legs. Convinced that Mia could excel at the art of wheelchair dancing, Armando talks her into taking part in a wheelchair ballroom dancing competition, and helps her to begin the arduous training process. At first Mia can't help but feeling awkward as she attempts to be graceful in her wheelchair. The harder Mia trains, however, the clearer it becomes that dance is still the driving force in her life, and that just because she can't walk doesn't mean she can't still pursue her one great passion.