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Watch the True Blood Trailer

HBO has released an official trailer for new vampire series True Blood (premiering September 7th) on YouTube:

True Blood Trailer

What does everyone think?


| 12:04 EDT, 02 Sep, 2008
If that is the same young woman that played Rogue in X-Men, her name is Anna Paquin and she's NZ born. Not sure whether she's still a kiwi citizen though :)
| 06:45 EDT, 29 Aug, 2008
Looks really good.. I'll be keeping an eye on this one
| 21:34 EDT, 28 Aug, 2008
Well lots went on in the trailer what is she supposed to be a new Buffy or is she just excited by Vampires? Not sure which. I guess I would have to watch an entire show or two before I make up my mind. Right now I say 2 of 5 stars.
| 03:45 EDT, 28 Aug, 2008
omg this looks siiiiic. hope it is.
| 01:53 EDT, 17 Aug, 2008
I was more impressed with the Trailer than I was when I watched the first episode last month. I hope they edit it up a bit to make it more interesting and less... slow.
| 19:00 EDT, 16 Aug, 2008
Also, You can watch the first episode (That leaked out) here Pretty Cool Eh? Just make sure to watch it agian on tv when it comes out to support the show. We don't want another great Vampire show cancelled *Moonlight*
| 18:43 EDT, 16 Aug, 2008
Looks awsome. I can't wait!
| 13:48 EDT, 16 Aug, 2008
That actually looks really cool, its kinda like an X-men world approch to the whole vampire thing. Not so much the fighting crime in silly costumes as much as the idea that there are these people who are different, who everyone knows about and who most fear, some of whom want to do us harm and some ofwhom who just want to lead normal lives, like the mutants in X-men. Plus I'm pretty sure that girl is the chick who played Rouge. I am actualy now realy psyched to see this show.

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