Damages Season 3, Episode 9: "Drive It Through Hardcore" Review

There weren't a ton of dark dealings this week on Damages, and if you know me then you know I like my TV bitter and harrowing. But "Drive It Through Hardcore" did some truly excellent exploration of the characters, which included top notch scenes between Patty (Glenn Close) and her son Michael, and Patty meeting with Frobisher (Ted Danson) and Terry Brooke (Craig Bierko) about portraying her in a movie version of Frobisher's life. It was magic to watch Close, with her now perfected dead, cold stare of smiling distain, telling Brooke and his agent that Frobisher was nothing but an insecure bully. And after Frobisher had brought them there to try and show them that Patty was more than just the "antagonist" in his life's story. By the end of the meetinghowever, with Patty conceding nothing, Frobisher changed his tune completely and pretended that she was the ball-busting dragon lady that he had known all along. Man, if Patty winds up thwarting Frobisher's movie deal, then maybe Frobisher could wind up as the car crash culprit. It's just sad (and great) to see a character who really does seem to have reformed and redeemed himself slowly falling back into a pattern of self-destructive narcissism.

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