Life Unexpected: Preview of Episode 2 "Home Inspected"

On Life Unexpected, you never really thought it was happy ending already for Lux (Brittany Robertson), do you? Tonight on the charming CW show, her little foster days friends visit her and her - gasp - boyfriend Bug (guest star Rafi Gayron) and best friend Natasha (guest star Ksenia Solo) are of the opinion that Cate (Shiri Appleby) and Baze (Kristoffer Polaha) may not be in for the long haul, so Lux should just return to her old life and the people she has grown up with. Why her boyfriend wasn't with her when all the filing for emancipation stuff was happening, we're not so sure.

Elsewhere on the second episode of Life Unexpected called "Home Inspected" a social worker visits the former high school sweet hearts to ascertain if they are fit to become parents (so right off the bat, you know this episode won't go well). As if that isn't bad enough, Cate is under pressure from executives at the radio station to deny that she has a daughter to save her job. We heard Cate's decision will shock us all.

The critically loved pilot of Life Unexpected introduced us to recently turned 16 Lux, bounced off foster homes for the most part of her life and too wise-cracking and witty for her age. On a mission to get emancipated, she searched for her birth parents, who'd turn out to be not-so-mature themselves. Things turned weird when the judge in charge of Lux's case granted Cate and Baze joint custody, so they have to make things work.

They do, as far as the tail-end of the last episode was concerned, and they threw Lux a birthday party. Oh, and there's also a love triangle brewing, because Cate slept with Baze, but Cate has a fiance, her radio talk show co-host Ryan (Kerr Smith), who is not bad-looking at all.

Catch Life Unexpected tonight 9pm on the CW.

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