The Biggest Loser: Couples Episode Recap: "Week 1"

Welcome back to another season of The Biggest Loser! This time around, the teams are couples and this cycle features the largest contestants to date. The premiere kicks off in each duo's hometowns, where for the first time, the initial weigh-in will take place in front of the players' friends, family, and community. "Are you ready to take off your shirts and let your bellies hang out?" the trainers ask. I sure hope these guys are!

After the emotional weigh-ins are done, each team arrives, sporting their colors, to the ranch. Immediately, Ali tells them they'll have a challenge: Bike 26.2 miles collectively as a team. As if that didn't seem daunting enough, the last two teams to complete the task will be sent home. But the upside is that the team that wins receives immunity this week.

Green kicks butt from the get-go and ends up pulling out the victory. Blue begins to struggle, and the doctors step in when Cherita winces in pain because she doesn't want to give up. I love how her daughter, Vicky, keeps going and yells out how proud she is of her mom. Blue and Yellow are the last teams remaining after the grueling bike race and are sent off in their limos. But, of course it's not truly the end of the road for them. Jillian and Bob stop their cars to let them know that they will be coming back to the ranch in 30 days to face off against each other, with the team who loses the highest percentage of weight re-joining the group.

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