Will Dwangela Be Back on 'The Office'?

Before Jim (John Krasinski) and Pam (Jenna Fischer) said their I do's on The Office, there was another couple that was headed in the same direction - Andy (Ed Helms) and Angela (Angela Kinsey) - that is, until a big man came between them and ruined everything. Now that that's over, some Office fans are asking if there can be hope for the then illicit love affair between Angela and Dwight (Rainn Wilson)! After all, Andy has a new love interest (but not before going on all the honeymoon trips all by himself).

The short answer would be: yes! Says Kinsey herself at the NBC Golden Globes party.

"I hear rumblings that they're gonna find their way back, but it might take a little while," said Kinsey. "I'm all along for the ride. I wanna find Dwight, that tall geeky man. I want it. I want it!"

Not only that, Kinsey adds to E! Online that she thinks the disproportionate couple (Angela is diminutive and Dwight is very big) are even soul mates!

"Rainn came up to me, day one of filming and said, 'When are we gonna get it on again?' I said, 'I dunno, Rainn, but let's make it happen!' So Rainn and I really believe that Dwight and Angela are the soul mates."

Early last season, the two were sneaking out all the time while Andy was all-too-busy preparing for his and Angela's wedding (she was even able to manipulate him into booking it at Schrute Farms B&B). At one point, Phyllis revealed the affair to everyone except Andy, later culminating into a duel and both dumping her.

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