CHASE ''The Comeback Kid'' Review Episode 3

In this episode a career criminal who went legit is having one major midlife crisis and is now trying to relive his glory days. He starts out by shooting the men who tried to rob him and hurt his wife, from there he moves on to anyone else who made him feel like the proverbial lamb. He wants to be the lion now and he’s blatant in his actions, not caring who sees him. He knows he’s the best and doesn’t think anyone can stop him. For seventeen years he lived under the radar, but it turns out that he never stopped planning his next heist. Gathering a team from the men he once counseled at a halfway house for criminals, he goes after all the cash in an armored truck depot. Annie and the team track him there and after an all-out gunfight, she takes him down with her own bare hands, ending his spree and sending him back to jail. Meanwhile Jimmy is noticing that Annie is taking more risks than normal, trying to prove that she’s not just the daughter of an ex-con.

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