HAWAII FIVE-0 ''Malama Ka Aina'' Review Episode 3

This episode starts with everyone enjoying a nice day at a football game, before two rival gangs decide to use the venue to stage a battle. I always love seeing my favorite characters get down and dirty with the action, but I felt different when I saw that Danny's little girl was there. Luckily he gets her to safety in time, right before the gunfire starts and some gang members (and some innocent people) are shot. Chin chases down one gang member only to discover that it's his cousin Sid. The man has been undercover with the Samoans for a year and, like the rest of the family, doesn't trust Chin. Sid reluctantly agrees to help get the rest of the team undercover at a rolling casino so that they can catch the man who's been shipping weapons to the locals. After Chin saves Sid's life, there might be some cooling off between the cousins.

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