ROOKIE BLUE ''Girlfriend of the Year'' Review Episode 9

Girlfriend of the Year was another entertaining instalment of ROOKIE BLUE. In season one’s ninth episode, a young girl is kidnapped on her way to school and the entire force is out in full strength to find her.

Overall, the plot was well mapped out. It was the first time that nothing seemed too contrived or convenient; Noelle’s medical issues had been introduced in a previous episode, therefore her migraine and the subsequent discovery in the medicine cabinet did not seem like a lame coincidence. Epstein’s involvement with a civilian heroine was lovely and far more interesting than watching him pine over Gail (plus, her Batman-esque rescue attempt was seriously cool). Even if Andy’s interrogation was a little off (would a rookie really be handed the responsibility of a child abduction case?) it was still well handled with some good acting on the part of the drug addled mother.

I did find Noelle’s sexism argument to Traci (when they were handed the house-sitting duties) to be a bit eye-rolling; I’m sure sexism in the police force is indisputable, but in a show where sexism was never an issue before, to bring it up nine episodes in and in such a minor, offhand sort of way, and then refute it by having their role in the house actually amount to something seemed like a two sentence script-filler. Though it’s a very minor quibble.

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