Parks and Recreation Season 2, Episode 7: "Greg Pikitis" - Review

"Greg Pikitis" was probably the best conceived and most hilarious episode of Parks & Recreation that I've seen in this show's short span. Every character worked on the levels that they should and I was very relieved that they found something meaty and meaningful to do with Andy (Chris Pratt) now that's he's out of the pit. As funny as his pathetic pining over Ann (Rashida Jones) was, it was something that just couldn't endure. Now he's been paired up with Leslie (Amy Poehler) at the Parks Department and I hope that we get to see a lot more of these two dimwits together - feeding off each other's stupidity. Leslie and Tom (Aziz Ansari) make a great pair because Tom's such a selfish leech, but Leslie and Andy's combined mind-numbing numbskullery has great potential.

Watching Andy clumsily assume the "grown up" role of an FBI agent to interrogate a local teen, Greg Pikitis (Cody Klop), was amazing. It reminded me of when he showed up at Ann's door in a suit, trying to convince her that he'd take a job at a desk downtown. Both of these are his idea of what it's like to be a mature adult. "My name is Bert Macklin and I'm with the f***ing FBI!" he screams right before he throws his empty coffee mug against the wall, shattering it. Wow. It brought me to tears. And speaking of tears, it wasn't long before that rapscallion Pikitis had Andy, the tough G-Man that he was, in tears during his own interrogation. "I'm not crying! I'm allergic to jerks!"

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