'Jersey Shore' Recap: Sammi and Ronnie, The Perpetual Misery Machine

We pick up on episode 4 where we left off last week: Ronnie left Sammi, who hoped he'd stay home and snuggle, so he could go out to the club with the boys (and Angelina). So now Ron is drunk in the club and asking even drunker girls for their numbers while they literally fall all over him. Meanwhile, back at home, Sammi is prodding JWoww and Snooki for any information they might have about Ron's club creepin'.

Oh, great. More Ronnie and Sammi drama! Because the world definitely needs to see these two run endless laps around the co-dependent misery track. Ron and Sam's relationship: No stone [of excruciating self-sabotaging idiocy] left unturned. (You KNOW it's bad when I'd rather watch Vinny scam on girls at the gelato shop than listen to Ron and Sam argue. But anyway. Here we go.)

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