House Season 6, Episode 2: "Epic Fail" - Recap

After leaving the psychiatric hospital at the end of last week's premiere, House tells Cuddy that he's making major changes in his life. Meanwhile, Foreman wants House's job but is having trouble with a case involving a video-game designer who posts his symptoms on the Internet and takes treatment suggestions offered by online correspondents over those offered by the team. This development upsets Foreman and threatens his relationship with Thirteen.

This week's episode begins in the traditional style where a patient, who creates virtual reality video games, is admitted to Princeton-Plainsboro with a bizarre ailment. As soon as the patient asks for the famous diagnostician he heard about, the scene cuts to House telling Cuddy and Foreman that he quits because he doesn't want to risk going back to his old environment and habits.

Foreman Takes Control

As soon as House leaves, Foreman immediately says he wants to run the department, but diagnostic departments are few and far between, according to Cuddy. The only reason they kept it around was because House is a genius. But Cuddy says she'll give him one chance to prove he can handle it, and the team begins brainstorming about the case of the video gamer's burning hands.

While Thirteen, Taub and Foreman try to come to a conclusion, the patient, Vince, thinks he has mercury poisoning based on what he read on the Internet. He convinces Thirteen and Taub to test his blood, but when Foreman finds out, he cops quite the attitude about his underlings not doing what they're told. Foreman tries to tell Vince mercury isn't the issue, but he demands a different set of tests. Somehow Foreman manages to strong-arm him into doing his spinal procedure, but when that causes his lungs to fill with fluid, Foreman suspects drugs.

Foreman and Thirteen both ask Vince if he's using, and the patient says no (only after hacking into Foreman's Facebook page to check up on him). Foreman tells Thirteen to do some investigating to see if he's telling the truth and Thirteen tells Foreman to stop comparing his technique to that of House.

Thirteen and Taub go to Vince's video-gaming studio where the two talk about Foreman as their new boss. Thirteen then comes to the conclusion that Vince may have picked up an infection from one of the birds he dissected while studying its anatomy for his game. But when Vince reveals he's had an erection for three hours, it's back to square one.

House Dabbles in Hobbies

In therapy, House says the chronic pain in his leg is really starting to get to him, so Nolan suggests he take up a hobby. Wilson allows House to tag along with him to cooking class and House ends up using his brilliance to figure out what ingredients work together.

Cuddy stops by Wilson's to talk to House and make sure he's not leaving on her account. She tells him she'll miss him, but House's cooking buddy basically kicks her out. The cooking actually starts to get a little out of hand as House starts to stay up all night treating each recipe like a patient in need of a diagnosis. But culinary arts aren't enough to distract House from the pain he is feeling in his leg without the drugs. Nolan tells him to try something else if cooking isn't helping him.

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