Which 'Ugly Betty' Souvenir Will America Ferrera Take Home?

People, being possessive creatures, just can't conquer endings without taking something tangible with them to keep the memory alive. This is usually the case with vacations and other treks to foreign lands, sometimes even relationships. With Ugly Betty being a journey for us and for the actors, we can bet even they want a piece of the ABC comedy, and lead actress America Ferrera knows just what she wants.

Talking to Access Hollywood about the conclusion of the hit series, she pointed out which Ugly Betty object she wanted to take as a souvenir. It's huge, but it really is apt. And no, it's not the braces.

"I've been thinking about what I want to take with me," America Ferrera told the publication. "There was [an] episode where the character of Matt does all these paintings of Betty... like her as an angel at the Bethesda Fountain in New York or her as a monster, eating Lower Manhattan, and I think I'm gonna take one of those paintings and keep it."

As for the other Ugly Betty paintings, they're going to be sold to benefit charity. That's definitely something the protagonist would do, and something the actress shares with her.

"We're auctioning off the rest of the paintings," America Ferrera revealed. "I'm building a school in Mali with Save The Children and we're auctioning off all the paintings to benefit the school, but I'm gonna keep one for myself as a souvenir."

But that may just have to wait, since she and the rest of the cast are filming the finale of Ugly Betty these days. While it's hard to accept it, we all just have to. Besides, the end sounds so exciting after hearing what the stars have to say about it.

"I think that we'll be able to make it come to a justifiable sort of end and something that feels right and good to the story and the characters," Ferrera said. "It will always be this really beautiful, almost perfect experience in my life."

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