Gossip Girl Season 3, Episode 3: "The Lost Boy" - Recap

This week on Gossip Girl, several couples faced trust issues as Vanessa grew more suspicious of Scott, Serena had doubts about Carter, and Chuck and Blair engaged in a bidding war at an auction.

Scott Tells the Truth...and Lies

Scott's lies about his college classes were catching up with him, so finally Vanessa did some digging and found out that Scott Adler was not a student at NYU. When she confronted him with this info, he told her it was complicated...and then in his next breath he just blurted out the truth to her: that he's Lily and Rufus' son. However, his parents told him that his biological parents wanted nothing to do with him, and Vanessa clued him in to the fact that his parents told Lily and Rufus he was dead. He was pretty shocked by this, so he went off to call home.

Meanwhile, Georgina and Dan did some investigative work of their own and uncovered Scott's real last name. This allowed Dan to identify Scott as the fan who once wrote him a letter, and suddenly D and G were worried that Scott was some dangerous, crazy stalker. Scott was about to put an end to all the lies and speculation and tell everyone the truth the night of the Sotheby's auction - until his mother showed up. She tearfully apologized to him for lying to Rufus and Lily and told him she supported him. She mentioned losing his brother (Andrew), and then Scott seemed to fear he was betraying her, so he didn't go through with it. He walked up to Rufus and lied, telling him he was Andrew's brother and that he just wanted to meet Andrew's biological family. Nice - drag out the drama, Scott. Although I suppose the truth will have a bigger impact if Rufus and Lily hear it together one day. But that's not going to happen anytime soon, because Scott went back to Boston, and he asked Vanessa to keep this really big secret (that's a lot to ask of her, considering she's so close to Dan and Rufus). Although...Georgina eavesdropped on Scott's good-bye to Vanessa, and then G made plans to take the next train up to Boston.

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