Heroes Season 4, Episode 3: "Ink" - Recap

In this episode of Heroes, Claire decides to stop being trapped in a life of lies and shares her biggest secret with her pushy friend, Gretchen. Meanwhile, Sylar continues to wreak havoc inside the brain of Matt Parkman, and Peter has a run-in with mysterious circus leader Samuel. Plus: We meet Emma, a deaf young woman who sees sound and has a knack for the cello. What does it all mean? Let's find out.

The Adventures of Super Girl and Retchin' Gretchen

After seeing Claire hurl herself out the window and then stick her ribs back into place, murder-obsessed Gretchen becomes Claire-obsessed. She knocks and knocks on her door, only to be ignored by Claire. When Noah comes to visit his Claire-Bear, Gretchen takes advantage of the opportunity and finds herself invited to lunch with the father-daughter duo. She makes small talk about a girl on YouTube who can't feel pain, and it isn't long before HRG realizes that Gretchen knows a thing or two about Claire.

Before he can speed-dial the Haitian for an order of scrambled brains, Claire tells HRG that she will clean up her own mess. After Gretchen shares her deep, dark secret (that she was teased in junior high for being bulimic and was given the unfortunate nickname above) Claire decides honesty is the best policy. Claire opens up about her ability, and even lets Gretchen slice open her palm for show-and-tell. HRG calls, Claire gives him her over-rehearsed speech, and he apologizes for not trusting her to handle her own life. Claire-Bear's all grown up, and Daddy's proud. But Claire decides to keep her secrets close by: She offers Gretchen the empty bed in her dorm room. For those keeping score, that's the cue for the beginning of the arc that involves awkward roommate sexual tension that leads to a contrived girl-on-girl kiss. Katy Perry would be so proud.

I Hear Voices in My Head

Parkman's story tonight reflects one of my biggest problems with Heroes. The characters seem to do the same thing four or five times before ever correcting/changing paths. (Hiro and Ando had the same leader vs. sidekick conversation in about 12 episodes last season.) While the circumstances were different this week, Parkman and Sylar basically played the same game they did in the premiere.

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