One Tree Hill Season 7, Episode 3: "Hold My Hand as I'm Lowered" - Recap

In this week's episode, Nathan makes a decision as to how to proceed with Renee's allegations that she's pregnant with his child. Despite Alex's wild-child ways, the Clothes Over Bros fashion shoot goes off without a hitch and Quinn is confronted - face to face - with her relationship back at home.

After showing Haley a sonogram and pictures from the "scene of the crime," Nathan has to decide whether to silence his accuser with money, or face the fact that rumors might kill his career. Clay urges Nate to pay Renee in order to save his future endorsements and pending contract, but Nathan is afraid that giving in is admitting an affair he didn't have.

We finally get to see how Dan and Rachel ended up together, and the events leading them to one another are no surprise. Dan was drinking away his sorrows at a strip-club when he realizes the girl swinging from the pole was Rachel. The two end up sleeping together, which develops into a deeper connection and a bond over needing a new start. In the present, Rachel is not only Dan's wife, but also the producer of his show, and when she pulls a stunt by hiring an audience member to shout out "Murderer," it seems the couple may be heading in opposite directions.

Mouth and Skills are still engaged in a nudity war to keep the apartment. When Skills goes into the bathroom and finds a crawling reptile, he decides enough is enough. He calls on his pal Jamie, who reminds him that a simple conversation between friends may lead to a compromise. So, the boys have a little bromantic chat, and Skills explains that if he were to move out of Mouth's place, Lauren would want him to move in with her start thinking about marriage. Since Skills is unsure about walking down the aisle, despite loving Miss Lauren, he wants to stay with Mouth. Mouth lets him know that he's been a good friend and is welcome to stay as long as he wants.

At Tric, Quinn and Brooke console Haley, who is devastated over her marriage to Nathan being called into question. More importantly, she's worried about what Jamie will hear, or read, about his NBA-playing dad. Clay shows up, and just like that, he and Alex are sucking face - well she's just trying to suck down remnants of his Tequila shot. Quinn, meanwhile, ignores another call from her separated husband, who surprises her by showing up in Tree Hill. "You're going to have to talk to me sometime," David says.

Nathan makes a decision about how to handle the Renee situation, and the next morning Clay meets with her. He hands over the envelope, but she's not thrilled when she sees that it's empty. "It's empty because you're a lying bitch and we're not paying you a dime," Clay tells her.

Back at home, Nathan tells Haley it's probably time to talk to Jamie, because his decision not to give into Renee will most likely lead to his name in the tabloids.

Something still seems like it's not adding up. Do you agree?

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