Bones: Three More Things to Look Forward to For the Rest of Season 5

Aside from the 100th episode and the controversial wedding, the fifth season of Bones has three more things to offer, according to Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello. Spoiler Warning: If you don't want to be even remotely spoiled, stop reading any further.

The Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp

This April, Bones will be hot and heavy in an episode that features some sex talk and a storyline set at a rock and roll fantasy camp. More interestingly, it also features Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) "reprising a song they have sung on the show before," according to executive producer Stephen Nathan. If I recall correctly, the only songs Booth and Brennan have performed together are "Hot Blooded" and "Keep on Trying" so it has to be one of those two, right?

The Love Triangle

If you think the Hodgins-Angela-Wendell triangle will just subtly slip by the fifth season of Bones, think again. Exec producer Stephen Nathan hints that things will be blown into proportions in the coming weeks. "Obviously it's a very complicated triangle, because Hodgins and Wendell are very good friends," he adds. "And now Angela is sort of in the middle of this situation, and re-examining her relationship with Hodgins."

Brennan Gets A Date

Speaking of love triangles, it has also been hinted that Brenna will be getting a second date with Hacker in the future. It makes me wonder if that will happen before, during or after Booth hooks up with Rena Sofer's Catherine Klein.

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