Will Henry Return for the 'Ugly Betty' Finale?

There has been plenty of speculation regarding Betty's past loves returning to haunt her as the Ugly Betty finale draws near. Sifting through all the comments promoting your favorite pairing, I noticed that there was hardly anyone gunning for a comeback of the Henry-Betty romance. But the possible return of Christopher Gorham doesn't exactly mean the characters are getting back together though.

Actually, it's really just difficult to imagine anyone ending up with Betty (America Ferrera) in the end. As Ugly Betty creator Silvio Horta said, you just can't please everyone.

Even Gorham's co-star Michael Urie thinks that the show's heroine will find it hard to choose. "I don't think the right guy has come along yet for Betty," he told Entertainment Weekly. "Besides, I don't think [fans] would be truly satisfied if she ended up with anybody."

Still, they have to end the story somehow. The writers of Ugly Betty are supposedly planning an independent woman conclusion, with our protagonist heading off to a new city for a new job. A new man, however, remains in question.

Several people have asked 35-year-old actor Christopher Gorham about returning to the show, and even he's in doubt about it. On his official Twitter account, he replied to fans who were wondering if his Ugly Betty character would actually head back to Betty's arms.

A follower of Gorham asked: "Are you going to come back to ugly betty before it ends?" This prompted an honest response from the star, which leaves us all hanging about Henry's fate.

"Truth is, I don't know. Maybe?" the Ugly Betty star said. Well, his exit on the show needs a bit more wrapping up, doesn't it?

Anyway, we'll never really know if Henry comes back for Betty until the finale. Or if spoilers leak out. But we wouldn't mind if Christopher Gorham makes an appearance on the last few episodes of the series. Betty needs some closure, after all. We wouldn't be surprised if Gio and Matt step in for a while either.

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