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ABC is in talks to renew the veteran comedy "Scrubs" for a ninth season with some or all of the original cast members coming back full- or part-time.

The network is going over the proposed budget for next season with series producer ABC Studios.

"Scrubs" creator Bill Lawrence, busy editing his ABC comedy pilot "Cougar Town," is said to be deeply involved in the renewal talks as well as in the discussions with the cast, who don't have deals beyond the show's current eighth season.

Last summer, Lawrence and ABC chief Stephen McPherson indicated that they were looking into a way to keep "Scrubs" going with new cast members, a la NBC's revolving-door medical drama "ER." This season, the show integrated a new crop of interns.

Talks are under way with the original cast members -- including Zach Braff, Donald Faison, John C. McGinley and Neil Flynn -- regarding ways to bring them back, possibly as recurring characters rather than regulars, as in the case of , who are co-starring on pilots.

In its debut season on ABC after seven years on NBC, "Scrubs" has been a modest performer at 8 p.m. Wednesday. But it has helped launch the new comedy "Better Off Ted," with both series enjoying critical praise, strong support at the network and talk about extending the pairing into next season.

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Default avatar cat
Apr 28, 2009 2:49PM EDT

I love scrubs and would love to see it go forward, but only if Zach Braff, Donald Faison, Sarah Chalke, Judy Reyes, Neil Flynn, and John C Mcginley are invovled. Not just as series guest stars, but as cast regulars. If they just reload the show with a new cast, they will always just be a shell of their former selves. But I do not think they will get this done, Braff has said repeatedly this is it for him, as he wants to direct more movies, and have the time for other projects. This season was already on a budget where each cast member had to take two episodes off. If they want to do that again or even extend it to 4 episode off each, then I would be on board for a new season, but any more than that and I hope they just end the series great this season.

Default avatar cat
Apr 28, 2009 3:24PM EDT

I agree, only with Zach, John, Neil and Sarah will the series really work
a bunch of new interns is just going to piss the public off and tarnish the scrubs that we have all grown to love over the past seven years.

Default avatar cat
Apr 28, 2009 4:07PM EDT

I personally think that season 8 has already been a bit of a let down because of the large focus on the interns and patients, therefore running scrubs' name even more than it needs to be would make people forget about the amazing show it once was with Zach, Sarah, John, Judy, Donald etc.

Default avatar cat
Apr 28, 2009 5:17PM EDT

yea i agree, with out Zach, Sarah,Donald,Judy and John the show wouldnt be the same at all. i like the idea from ak10 about having four episodes off rather than two and id be more than happy with that to keep going, but then once everything is tied up from this season like Jd moving would they have him and Elliot drop by to see everyone all the time (if Elliot goes with Jd that is) or would they add a new hospital for those two? i supose they could keep it going and have alot to do still. so yea, a new season with those actors and actresses would be great, with out them knowbody cares(being very blunt).

Apr 29, 2009 7:04AM EDT

I agree without the current cast it wont be the same, but i think i would still watch just out of loyalty to the show. I would prefer the current cast, and just because the cast changes dosent mean it wont be good.

Default avatar cat
Apr 29, 2009 2:34PM EDT

I actually disagree with what everyone else is saying. I feel that the show has exhausted all the good material for the original cast, and with all their stories being tied up so neatly in this season, I think that keeping them around for another season would be a mistake, and the show would become much less entertaining. I agree that this season has been less funny than previous seasons, but not because of less focus on the main cast, but rather because all the story lines for the main cast feel tired and over-used. As everyone kept telling Eliot, no one really cares that she and J.D. are back together, because we've all seen it before. It's nice that they are together, and look like they'll stay that way, but I think if the show is going to stay around it should radically reshape itself using the new characters to create a different hospital staff dynamic.

May 5, 2009 9:46PM EDT

What... Season 9? NO. 8 WAS SUPPOSE TO BE THE EPIC END. Seriously, let the series rest. If you want more Scrubs, just rewatch it from Season 1, its worth it.

May 6, 2009 1:09PM EDT

I've grown kind of fond of the new interns and would love to see the show continue with them, as long as their are a few characters that would remain, particularly Ted, Dr. Cox, and Janitor.

Default avatar cat
May 7, 2009 1:08AM EDT

Personally I think it should end with Season 8, the last two episodes were a fitting end for the series and whilst Season 8 overall hasn't been as good as previous seasons it has shown glimpses of it's former glory.
Another season would tarnish the overall image of Scrubs more so than Seasons 6 & 7 did, at its end people will remember it fondly but if it were to carry on not only would it ruin the ending of Season 8 but people would stop watching as the show could never match up to its former glory days especially with JD at another hospital and Elliot likely to follow.
If they wish to continue the idea of Scrubs with the new interns relaunch the show under a hyphenated name thus continuing the Scrubs legacy just without any of the expectations of seeing the returning cast from its original run (except for John McGinley for continuity sake).

Default avatar cat
May 7, 2009 2:46AM EDT

After seeing the SERIES finale tonight, I hope they just leave it with eight seasons they ended it really good, avoiding all the sitcom ending cliches and adding a "what could happen" look into J.D's future. I liked the way they ended it. Please do not just have Dr. Cox and a bunch of new interns, it would be like "Saved By The Bell- The New Class" all over again where they kept Mr. Belding and replaced the students. That did not work and neither will this.

Default avatar cat
May 7, 2009 8:49AM EDT

I agree with a few of the statements above. The show should definitely end on a high note, with the season finale of season 8. Taking a 9th season, even with the original cast and crew would( although i would watch it due to being a very loyal fan) just drag the show downwards more.
If they did, however make a new, spin-off show including some of the cast, and some new cast, possibly the new interns, then that would be fun and interesting to watch, while keeping the Scrubs legacy still intact.

Default avatar cat
May 8, 2009 5:00PM EDT

For the past 8 years Scrubs has been there every week to make most of us forget about the rest of the trouble we have going on in life, personaly for 20 minutes a week I had laught and learnd new things that are truely profound, making me wait for the next episode like a baby waiting for a bedtime story.The series was tied up beautifuly, as we all know all good things must come to an end. Im not looking forward to season 9, if there will be one, because Scrubs finished strong and so for the final time I sat down with the rest of the world and for 20 minutes I got to say goodbye.

May 12, 2009 2:14AM EDT

This show was amazing for the first 6 seasons, then you could see it was downhill from there.The jokes were overused, overacting and just worn-out screenwriting. I am glad that the finale was a beautiful tribute and many memorable characters made it back for the end and I'll always cherish the memories that this show has created for me. Although when they showed the end credits, I'm surprised no-one cried at all. Would have been great to see SArah and Zach hook up in real life though lol.

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