'Melrose Place': Did David kill Sydney? (Episode 8) - Review

Last night on "Melrose Place (2009)," David flashbacks to waking up with a bloody knife the night Sydney died.

Ella & Lauren

Ella is starting to get suspicious about Lauren's many, many dates. Ella gives a very genuine offer to let Lauren bend her ear, but Lauren turns her down. Later, one of Ella's clients ODs on Oxy. Luckily he ends up at Lauren's hospital. Ella tries to get Lauren to create fake admissions documents that say he had an allergic reaction to penicillin, offering her a few grand. Caleb tells Ella to go back to Lauren with an offer of $50,000.

Except Ella finds Lauren's ledger and wad of cash and calls her "Pretty Woman." Snerk. Ella gets all "you won't fudge hospital records, but you'll fudge random dudes" and Lauren gets mad because it is SO not the same thing and Ella knows that. Lauren still turns down the $50,000 because her career comes first. I'm totally with you, Lauren. You'd be DONE as a doctor if you got caught. I'd rather be a prostitute than take that chance too.

Ella goes back to Caleb with Plan B: The Truth. She says they have to let the story out so that they can control it and Jesse gets himself into rehab because if he doesn't stop with the nose candy, he'll kill himself. Ella then finds Lauren and apologizes for trying to buy her. She also says she won't bring up the 'ho thing but is there for Lauren if she needs to talk. Lauren is still mum.

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