'Man vs. Wild' Sending Bear Grylls to Survive in Your Xbox, Wii or PS3

Have you always wanted to be dropped in the middle of some vast wilderness or barren desert, just to see if you could fend for yourself? Well, before you become an appetizer for some predator creature's three-course dinner, maybe you should give yourself a little test.

One way could be to try out the new 'Man vs. Wild' video game that's currently in development. A release date hasn't been set for the Bear Grylls-inspired video game, but it's scheduled to be released on all three of the home video game consoles.

Check out a video preview of the game, after the jump ...

Crave Games released a preview video of an early demo of the game featuring Bear being thrown out of a helicopter and into the Sahara desert. Apparently, it's going to be a sandbox survival game where the player runs around an open world looking for food, water and shelter to help him reach his goal and escape the grim, cold grasp of death. Let's hope the game has an optional "hotel power-up" as well.

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