'90210': Season 2, Episode 8 Review

Last night on "90210," Debbie totally busts Sasha on her fake pregnancy. Debbie Wilson is my hero.

Navid, The Blaze & Adrianna

Navid wants to do a piece about the abuse of prescription drugs in high school. Gia pipes up that Jasper is one of the biggest dealers around. Later that night, Adrianna serenades Navid begging for forgiveness. I like Jessica Lowndes' voice, but that is a little weird and creepy, Ade.

Navid says it's way too late after the way she treated him. I'm glad Navid has a spine, I thought he might crumble under the weight of sad crying girl playing the guitar. Ade is so devastated by being rejected she stays home from school. Naomi and Silver suggest she go to a meeting but she won't. They appeal to Navid to ask Ade to go to AA and he agrees.

Needy Ade asks if Navid will go with her and he says no. She starts sobbing and he leaves. Um, seriously. She screwed it up and you don't have to save her, Navid. He heads to the Hollywood party, where Teddy apologizes to him and Navid is cool about it but not overly friendly, which is fair. Liam and Lilo's ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson encourage him to talk to some girls there, so he does.

Sasha & Dixon

Sasha is getting her crazy juice all over Dixon, trying to be all domestic and avoid talking about what they're doing. When Dixon hints around at an abortion, Sasha balks and says she's keeping it. That night, Sasha sends Dixon a string of "Fatal Attraction" text messages and he finally just blurts out to his parents that he got a girl pregnant.

They are furious not only that he got a girl pregnant, but that it's actually an adult woman. Dixon throws back that Harry had a kid as a teenager too, which does not make it okay. Sasha texts that she's having cramps but when Debbie brings Dixon over Sasha says the cramps are gone and doesn't want Debbie to call her doctor. Sasha then says she's a month along but then says she saw the baby on the sonogram. Okay, we all know that Sasha is lying, right? Everybody was on that train last week, yes?

Thank god Debbie has a brain in her head because she knows something is up, but Dumbass Harry tries to shut her down. Listen to your wife, Want-to-cheat-with-Kelly. Debbie "runs into" Sasha at a restaurant and reminds her that they met at the nail salon. Sasha admits that she followed her that day because she thought Debbie was Dixon's other woman and that was when she found out how old Dixon was. Debbie then traps Sasha in a talk about her doctor and the sonogram and tells her to stay away from Dixon. That was AWESOME! Debbie Wilson for president!

Predictably, Sasha calls Dixon and says she had a miscarriage. He's relieved and guilty and sad, poor Dixon. Debbie doesn't tell Dixon about Sasha's lies. Harry can't believe she would lie like that, but she says that he has to trust her. He looks thoughtful.

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