'Persons Unknown' - 'Seven Sacrifices' Recap Episode 11

If you haven't heard, NBC isn't showing the next episode of 'Persons Unknown' on television. Instead, this Saturday we'll see the two-hour finale (actually two episodes back-to-back). What NBC has done is put this episode online only, so you get two reviews this week for the price of one.

And I guess the first thought I had while watching 'Seven Sacrifices' (full episode below) is this: why didn't Mark cover the severed thumbs with chocolate? (Now there's a sentence that won't make sense to anyone who doesn't watch this show...)

So Mark and Kat make it back to San Francisco, but as soon as they get there Mark is arrested for Janet's kidnapping and Kat finds out that not only has she lost her job as editor at the paper but also that the paper has been bought and turned into a "serious" newspaper. I had no idea that it wasn't a serious newspaper to start with, but this doesn't seem like a bad thing. Looks like the security guard got to keep his job at least.

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