'Brothers & Sisters': Tommy, can you hear me? (Season 4, Episode 6)

Last night on "Brothers & Sisters," Tommy comes back and is just as big a jerk as he always was, except right at the end.


Sarah won't tell her kids about Sexy Luc yet and at the episode's Walker dinner, Paige spies her mother kissing Luc. Oopsy.

But it turns out Paige is totally cool with it and suggests Luc stay in the guest room. Grown-up Paige rocks. I hope Luc sticks around for Sarah, she deserves something awesome.


Kitty and Nora have their very own Halloween-scare scene with Luc (which is hilarious, btw) when Tommy comes back to the house.

Kevin & Scotty

They're moving ahead with the surrogate and Kevin is all nervous about Scotty's friend Michelle. Kevin busts out a contract and both Scotty and Michelle go nuts. Maybe it's the lawyer in me, but... seriously? OF COURSE there should be a contract. That girl is going to carry your BABY and from Michelle's perspective, those guys are going to pay you to be an incubator. There should BE a contract. Don't be stupid. I'm not always with Kevin on this show, but tonight I'm totally with Kevin.

They make it up later and talk about Kevin's tactless way of springing it on Scotty and Michelle. Ultimately Scotty says Kevin was right in wanting to protect them. Uh, duh. Welcome to the party, Scotty. They agree to find another surrogate but Kevin goes back to Michelle to beg her to reconsider and he explains that the signature on the contract makes him feel at least a little in control of not losing his child to someone. Awww. That's so totally fitting in with Kevin's personality, I love it.

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