The Biggest Loser: Couples Episode Recap: Week 6 - Season 9, Episode 6

The Biggest Losers head to the Olympics training center in Colorado where they promote train with the stellar athletes. This episode also marks the beginning of the contestants competing as individuals.

At the start of their Olympic-style training, the contestants meet Allison Jones, an amazing skier and cycler who was born with just one leg. Each contestants carries the Olympic torch before passing it along to Jones for the final lighting. Next, the contestants head to the cafeteria, where each Olympic sport has its own specific set of foods. I found it interesting when the nutritionists explained why someone training in Judo would eat one thing while a skier would eat another.

Back in his room, Koli can't help but think about how John left last week and why someone with a family had to go. He struggles to find himself worthy, and as he and his cousin Sam cry, my heart breaks for him.

Next on the tour de Olympians is Jeret "Speedy" Peterson, a freestyle aerial skier. (Did anyone catch NBC's misspelling of aerial?) The players get a nice - OK maybe tough is a better word - workout with him. Afterwards, it's time for a pop challenge with short-track speed skater JR Celski, who recently split his leg open with his skate. Ouch! The contestants are tasked with having to use a slide-board to hit each side a total of 500 times. The first three to finish receive an advantage for the week's "real" challenge, and no shocker here, Sam wins gold, Melissa wins silver, and Sunshine gets the bronze.

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