'Top Chef: DC' - 'Foreign Policy' Recap

With last week's mysterious "Pea Gate" (almost) behind them, the remaining cheftestants hunkered down to prepare Ethiopian cuisine (banish those Sam Kinison jokes from your minds now) for this week's Quickfire Challenge.

Famed culinary expert Marcus Samuelsson, the most recent winner of 'Top Chef Masters', walked them through the basics; Berbere = "wonderful spice," Injera = "a spongy, sourdough, pancake bread" and Wat = "spicy stews," and the chefs seemed poised to give it the old college try. Minutes later, armed with such succulent proteins as goat leg and lamb tongue, the run for immunity was on.

"The challenge," opined smarty pants Angelo about Ethiopian cuisine, "is not to overdo it with the spices to the point of where it masks what you're eating." A point that may have been altogether lost on Kelly, who admitted to never even having eaten food from the region before. Amanda concurred: "I have no idea what any of these spices are, I don't even know the proper etiquette for mixing them, I need the 'Idiot's Guide to Ethiopian Cooking.'"

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