'Lost' Recap: Sayid is Good at Being Bad Season 6, Episode 6

Previously on Lost: Sayid was alive, then dead, and now he's alive again. Claire and her new friend Flocke swore a vendetta against Kate. Jack and Hurley went to the lighthouse to help Jacob bring someone else to the Island. And in the altverse, Jack has a freaking son.

As always, "Flocke" refers to Fake Locke, Jacob's Nemesis currently using John Locke's body. It has nothing to do with The Hurt Flocker, my Oscar-nominated documentary short following the aftermath of the tragic day when Captain Sullenberger killed several members of a flock of geese with his plane.

Good vs. Evil: The Sayid Jarrah Story

Is Sayid a good guy or a bad guy? Dogan's weird torture test said he was bad, so he's banished, but as soon as Claire shows up, Sayid is good enough to stay. I guess good and evil are relative on the Island.

Sayid acts good when he does just as Dogan asks and stabs Flocke when he goes out to talk to him. However, this is useless and Flocke sends Sayid back with a message: Jacob is dead and anyone who wants to leave the Island forever should come with him. Anyone left in the Temple at sundown will be killed.

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