The Girls Next Door: Kendra's Little Hank Meets Uncle Hef

Not even a year old, and Little Hank Baskett has already been a busy baby. The son of Girls Next Door star Kendra Wilkinson and husband Hank Baskett has already been photographed in countless magazines and attended the Super Bowl. N ow, he's getting ready for a big step: into the Playboy mansion.

We're not expecting him to cause any trouble there or anything, since all he's doing is meeting Kendra Wilkinson's ex-boyfriend. It will be the first time Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner will be laying eyes on the boy, which of course gives the media something to talk about. Oh, and the kid's parents are eager too.

Last Monday, 24-year-old mommy Kendra took her son out to Los Angeles for a trip to the legendary man's mansion. "[Going] over to the mansion today to visit @hughhefner," the Girls Next Door model exclaimed on her Twitter account. "Lil Hank gets to meet him today!! So excited!"

According to People, even the 83-year-old millionaire was keen on meeting Little Hank. He and Kendra Wilkinson parted ways amicably, so it's no problem for her to visit him anytime. She's even bringing her husband.

Hugh Hefner did welcome the family to his Playboy mansion and was obviously happy about the occasion. The Basketts have come all the way from Indiana, heading back to L.A. for another season of Kendra. That means we'll be seeing footage of Little Hank being in the Playboy mansion soon. We may even catch it on The Girls Next Door.

Having plenty of public appearances these days, the months-old son of Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett is bound to be a star soon. After a visit to Hef, he was taken to yet another media event.

Kendra wrote on her Twitter that she and her family were invited to the Chelsea Lately talk show, which will be premiering in a few hours. "[J]ust did Chelsea'll air tonight at 11pm..Hanks 1st talk show lol," she declared. Looks like Little Hank really is taking after his parents.

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