'Top Chef: D.C.' - 'Cold War' Recap Season 7, Episode 6

"We walk into the kitchen and I see Michelle Bernstein's our guest judge. She's an amazing chef and a really tough critic -- and I see a lot of, uh, nasty proteins on the table: Things I would never cook with," grimaces Kevin at the top of this episode. What? You don't typically whip up rattlesnake carpaccio or yak patties at your restaurant?

The Quickfire Challenge, as host Padma Lakshmi explains, is to "make delicious dishes with these outlandish ingredients." "Oh my gosh, I've never, ever, ate or I have never cooked any of these," moans Tiffany as she peruses the "exotic proteins" on offer.

Knives are pulled to determine the order in which the ingredients are chosen and Angelo ends up with "duck white kidneys." "Do you know what they really are?" asks a giggly Padma. "They're um, testicles," returning guest judge Bernstein says. And, for once, Angelo is speechless as the other cheftestants crack up.

But that's not the really funny part. Ten minutes into the challenge, once they've all decided how to cook their wild boar and frog and bears, oh my, Padma reappears in the kitchen and tells everyone to "please take over the proteins to your left." "You've got to be f*cking kidding me," the typically soft-spoken Tamesha says. But it's poor Kevin who gets stuck with the duck balls.

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