'Survivor: Heroes vs Villains' Recap: The Weak Slay the Strong Episode 9

There's no denying that the tables have been turned. Just a few weeks ago, the Villains were whooping the Heroes quite easily. Now, after a cocktail of bad timing, good timing and everybody's Survivor-bred competitive nature spiking up, it's the complete opposite: the Heroes are holding up, and the Villains are crumbling apart.

JT almost gets away with it: Not that the Heroes are smooth sailing all throughout. JT, still the wild card of the tribe, wanted to get a leg up on his tribe mates by looking for the hidden immunity idol. "The best thing for me is to know where it's at," he said. Thanks to last week's pretty specific clue, he finds it easily.

Problem is, someone was in his tail. Sensing that he's gone missing, Amanda looked for him near the river, and finds him just moments after he finds the idol. Candice also followed him--their spider senses are tingling!--and JT was forced to come clean about the idol, reverting to the original plan of using it after the merge. Candice isn't so convinced. "He is the slimiest guy out here," she said. "It would be in Amanda's beast interest to work with me and get rid of JT."

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