Fringe: "Olivia. In the Lab. With the Revolver" Review Season 2, Episode 17

After an amazing episode that marked a major turning point for the series, Fringe returns with an episode that picks up on an old plot and shows us a bit more of what our characters are made of. "Peter" is a tough act to follow, and this story definitely isn't as good, but it did keep us going along an interesting path to more answers.

There are a lot of little things to like about this episode. Walter's back to his almost usual self, cracking taffy-related jokes while getting on with some gruesome business involving a a cadaver. But there's definitely an undercurrent of fear and shame in his personality as he deals with Olivia's knowledge of Peter's secret, a secret that Olivia herself is struggling to keep. There's also a clever bit of black light science leads Walter to discover what happened to the first victim. Sam Weiss (Kevin Corrigan) returns to dish out his unique flavor of wisdom, though there's nothing really profound in his advice. He just gives Olivia a gentle push to help her accept what she already knew, and remind her of some things she'd forgotten.

But, there are a number of things that weren't so great too. It's a slow, procedural episode in the first half, marked by a case involving a sick young man spreading cancer via touch. It turns out the guy is an old test subject of Walter and William Bell, and he's targeting other subjects from those trials. His victims end up with tumors all throughout their bodies, but the make-up was a little off here. It was fine for a second in the intro with a few spot tumors, but the larger areas looked far too much like make-up and rubber for my tastes. I also was a bit disappointed in the references to the Clue board game. The episode title indicated we'd get a bit more, but all there really was is a brief cameo of the game and Olivia, in the living room, with a candlestick, beating up our bad guy.

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