On Syfy, Fantasy Lite

"In this job, there's no such thing as no such thing."

That clever quip gives us summer Syfy in a nutshell. As spoken by Warehouse 13's glib Secret Service hero Pete Lattimer (the genial Eddie McClintock) to his foxy partner Mika Bering (Joanne Kelly) while both are plastered to a Victorian ceiling by some anti-gravity device or other, we are served the fantastic with a side order of whimsy, with very little ever taken seriously.

Warehouse 13 is sci-fi that just wants to be liked, tasty as it goes down but about as long-lasting as a swirl cone from an ice-cream truck on a 90-plus degree day. And just about as welcome for those seeking jaunty escapism during the summer. It was an instant hit a year ago, premiering the same night the former Sci Fi Channel took on its peculiar new name. Far from suffering an identity crisis, Syfy has flourished with this kind of light entertainment.

Besides Warehouse, which returns for a second season Tuesday night (9/8c), Syfy launches the fourth season of the equally fanciful Eureka Friday night (9/8c), pairing it with the new but very familiar series Haven (10/9c), a dreary example of a channel so in love with its own success that it dips from the well of sameness once too often. It's Eureka without inspiration, minus the "wow" factor. It barely rates even a "huh?"

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