Big Brother 12 Week 7 POV Competition/Ceremony Recap

One of the best, if not THE best, Veto episodes this season on Big Brother. A lot of developments so let’s begin…

After the Nomination Ceremony, Brendon runs like a baby and cries (prays) to Rachel about how life was so much easier when she was there. Oh my God, just kill me now. Enzo comes in and he and Brandon discuss Britney’s gameplay, which Brendon is not a fan of obviously. Enzo approaches Britney, who tells him on everything she has that he is not going home, because Brendon is her target. Meanwhile, Lane and Hayden are determined to get Matt out the house and know that it is imperative to get Britney to see the logic in this plan. Of course, Lane is chosen for this task, but is flabbergasted when Britney doesn’t want to let Matt go out of fear of Brendon coming after her. I think she just signed her death warrant…

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