'Bones': The Gravedigger finally comes to trial Recap Season 5, Episode 21

In what's become the longest-running story arc on "Bones," it's finally time for the Gravedigger to face the music. Maybe. We hope.

We begin in Brennan's nightmare, running from the Gravedigger and failing to save Hodgins, then Booth, before being captured and buried alive. I'm really glad they included the scene -- it's too easy to see Brennan as an invulnerable cyborg when it comes to situations like this. We need to see her human side from time to time (even if she won't share it with anyone but Booth, in this case).

The Trial: The Gravedigger trial is beginning, but it's off to a terrible start when Taffet, representing herself, gets all the evidence from her storage locker thrown out on the grounds that the warrant was illegal. Can I take a moment here to talk about how much I love Caroline? Because I really, really do. When the judge questions if she should even proceed, she takes a long look back at Booth, Brennan and Hodgins before announcing her intent to continue.

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