'FlashForward': Meet Lucas Hellinger (again) Episode 19

At the start of this week's "FlashForward," Wedeck promised us that 'tomorrow is D-Day, the day we catch up to the flashforward.' Yes, that statement meant that the season finale and the revelations it will (hopefully) contain is drawing ever more near, but it didn't mean that this week was to be totally without interest.

For instance, Zoey tried to convince Demetri to take April 29th off. She even bought him a ticket to Hawaii. I completely appreciated her efforts to get Demetri away from work that day - especially after last week's course correction stuff - but maybe a trip to Hawaii was, for lack of a better term, really incredibly stupid. In her flashforward, Zoey was on a beach in Hawaii for Demetri's memorial. Why would she want to make it more likely that such a thing could occur by trying to take her fiancé to Hawaii on the date in question? I think her heart was in the right place, unfortunately her brain wasn't. Perhaps a trip to Antarctica might have been a better choice.

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May 17, 2010 1:04PM EDT

Anyone else have a problem that she was trying to get him on to a plane on that day that another blackout was supposed to happen, which means that the pilot would also have a blackout as well. Which then means that the plane would then crash. Thus causing Demetri's death, and it is possible that they get there before it would occur, but that would be less dramatic.

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