Alanna Ubach Talks Hung and Sex

Alanna Ubach has added a few more notches to the Hung thermometer, north of sizzling hot. Ubach plays the character of Yael, an Israeli friend of Ray's who kicks off a Middle-east peace allegory when she finds out the everyman cum gigolo is getting some hummus from his Arab next door neighbor. Who would have ever thought that a show like Hung would be able to effectively weave such a topic into its week to week plot. The truth of the matter is, as tacky as you'd expect a show like Hung to be, HBO's sophomore comedy packs its weight with raw and insightful forays into all sorts of surprising avenues of human nature. Alanna recently guested on Adam Corolla's podcast. Alanna discussed shooting her recent nude scene for Hung, and hilarity ensured.

It was completely and totally as sexy as earwax. Ubach said without a hint of sarcasm. It was 5:30 a.m, Thomas Jane has bronchitis and an ear infection, nothing but female crew members and they take forever to do the lighting, so of course you're going to be confident. [Unmistakable sarcasm there.]

If you think the character of Yael is a wild addition to Hung, you'll be totally unprepared for Alanna Ubach. The actress's guest stint on the podcast is fast, smart, funny, and more than just a little sexy. And speaking of sexy, when it comes to whether or not Ubach is impressed by co-star Thomas Jane's manly charms, her response was quick, definitive, and a little naughty. ''Oh, he's so f@#*&ng sexy. Jesus Christ.

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