Raising The Bar Season 2, Episode 7: "Fine and Dandy" - Recap

After being acquitted on a weapons charge, Jerry's client is re-arrested on a parole violation. Richard argues with Judge Kessler over a decision to jail his client for 30 days over a $75 fine, saying it is essentially punishment for being poor. Meanwhile, Bobbi has difficulty adjusting after the recent tragedy of Gavin's suicide, and Jerry's attempts to help are met with strong resistance.

The episode begins with Jerry and Bobbi talking when she returns to work after being out for a full week. Jerry helps her with her workload, but she tells him she needs to be alone so she can get started. (Oh Jerry, timing is never on your side.)

Jerry explains in the courthouse that Darnel Taylor, a 43-year-old air conditioning repairmen, saw two men arguing, and after one pulled a gun, Mr. Taylor convinced him to hand it over to him. Unfortunately, as the police showed up, the gun was in the defendant's hand, which landed him in jail for two years awaiting the current hearing. After Michelle and Jerry argue their sides, Mr. Taylor is found "not guilty" for criminal possession of a weapon. (I like this judge more and more each week!)

As Jerry and his client exit the courtroom, Mr. Taylor is arrested for violating his parole, which states he cannot hold a firearm. Where is the justice in that?

Meanwhile, Judge Kessler speaks with her shrink about what kind of man she wants, and is seemingly desperate to feel desired.

Next, Richard is asked to defend a man has not paid his court fines for a petty crime he pleaded guilty to months ago. Unfortunately, the man still was unable to pay the court fees, and Richard asks for a court date to be granted to serve the man justice.

Jerry shows up in hopes of making a deal with the parole officer who arrested Mr. Taylor. The officer says he doesn't cut anyone slack, and that he will not give Mr. Taylor the benefit of the doubt because he would then be expected to do the same for everyone in the future.

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