The Office Season 6, Episode 21 Recap: "Happy Hour"

On this episode of The Office, It's party time at Dunder Mifflin Sabre! Michael and the gang head out to a club in hopes of cutting loose and dancing the night away, and I couldn't be more excited. After viewing the episode, only one thing came to mind. Oddly enough, it completely resembles when I go out with my NYU friends in the city. Not.

The episode begins with Michael seeing how many pushups he can do. Miraculously, he achieves "25 and 1 girl pushups." Congrats, Michael. Now, if the situation couldn't get weirder, Stanley is the only person that can match this endeavor, and he does so barely (while almost having a heart attack). I have to hand it to you, Stanley, that was quite a show.

After Phyllis and her husband Bob Vance decide to go out for the evening to a "nightclub," the others join in for the ride. Even Jim, who calls Pam hoping that she will say no, is shocked to learn that she is dying to go out. So much for your baby getting you out of any situation, Jim.

Before I recap the party scenes, there are a few details you must keep in mind:

1. Oscar likes a fellow Dunder Mifflin coworker Matt, and gets to the office early in hopes of flirting.

2. Kevin believes that if you whisper baby noises towards Pam's breasts, they will fill with milk, and cause her shirt to get wet. It's awkward even typing that.

3. Andy and Erin are still going strong. Kevin even makes sexual hand motions as they give their interviews to the camera. Also awkward.

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