30 Rock Season 4, Episode 16 Recap: "Floyd"

On this episode of 30 Rock, Floyd returns and breaks some big news to Liz. Meanwhile, Jack and Danny team up to pull off a prank, and Tracy and Jenna both have dreams about Kenneth.

Liz, I honestly feel bad for you this time - you just can't seem to catch a break. I found myself both weirded out, and for the first time, feeling sorry for our female star. One thing I noticed is that duos were huge in this chapter. So, I shall recap the happenings in pairs.

Liz and Floyd

This week, Liz's old (and favorite) boyfriend Floyd gives her a random call when he arrives in town. She agrees to meet him for dinner, and she is excited for the possibility of a rekindled romance. The day before her date, she flips on the television, and finds him on the Today show's marriage contest and is beyond shocked. It looks as if her dream man is already tied down. She is confused, but goes to the dinner in order to find out some answers. She begins to get angry at him and encourages him to order the fish, which gave her food poisoning three times prior. He does, and surprisingly, it contains Jack Daniels, which completely intoxicates him. He goes on a drunken rant in the restaurant, and it even continues on the Today show. He eventually apologizes, and Liz also apologizes to both him and his fiance Katelyn. In a twist of fate, Katelyn asks Liz to be a participant in the wedding, and she agrees. What a 180 that weekend took.

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