Supernatural Season 5, Episode 15 Recap: "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid"

The painful hellatus comes to an end with a tale about dead loved ones coming back to life in Sioux Falls, S.D., the hometown for the town drunk, Bobby Singer. Sam and Dean go head to head with these "zombies" and, more importantly, with Bobby.

Welcome back to the Supernatural blog. It has been a long (long) break, but it's finally time to get back to the business of Sam and Dean Winchester. Bobby Singer plays a big part in "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid" and we're all the better for it. It's an episode I really enjoyed even though it was beyond depressing at the same time.

After the first victim is offed, Sam and Dean don their spiffy suits to interrogate a witness named Digger. He tells them how Clay came back to life and killed Benny in a bout of revenge. After all, five years ago, Benny killed Clay. In comes Sheriff Jody Mills who decides to check to see if Sam and Dean (aka Agents Dorfman and Neidermeyer) are for real. Turns out Sheriff Jody recognizes Bobby's voice. The gruff hunter tries to play it off but he doesn't do a very good job because he lives in Sioux Falls and he's got a reputation around town as a menace.

Sam and Dean arrive at Bobby's house and everything's all tidy and clean, even Bobby. He doesn't have a hat on and he smells good. Plus his hair is all combed with not one out of place which means one thing: something's definitely up in Sioux Falls. Bobby lies to the boys telling them their lead (meaning Digger) is a dead end. Just as Sam and Dean are heading out of town, Dean decides to make one last stop and check out Clay's grave. Sam does the digging and finds an empty casket. The brothers head to Clay's and end up confronting the undead killer who pretty much looks and sounds normal. The sheriff arrests the boys for attempting to shoot the good citizen even though said citizen is not alive.

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