'The Vampire Diaries' Episode 15 Recap: Elena on a mission, Damon on a bender

Even though you know it's not their doing, it's easy to get a little angry with shows when they're not on for a month. But watching this episode of Vampire Diaries reminded me of that scene from Pretty Woman.

Vivian: You're late.

Edward: You're stunning.

Vivian: You're forgiven.

And not just because we got to see that Ian Somerhalder is now cut like an opposable Ken doll.

So, we began by watching a hiker get drained and stripped by Harper, the vampire that escaped from the tomb at the end of the last original episode. It was one of the weaker openings, but the hour was bookended nicely with Harper ultimately showing up at a house to reunite with Pearl and Anna. Why are they still hanging around? Do they want to get the others out?

Grams' funeral made Elena think about her parents. Or rather, her biological mother. Aunt Jenna had figured out that the name the young girl had given Elena's doctor Dad, Isobel Peterson, was probably a combination of her real first name and a friend's last name. After she 'binged it,' she found a photo of cheerleaders Trudie Peterson and Isobel Flemming. The Internet had no information on Isobel, but Jenna gave Elena Trudie's address.

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