'Burn Notice' - 'Made Man' Recap Season 4, Episode 3

This new season of 'Burn Notice' has been a lot of fun so far, especially the addition of Jesse to the team. The new dynamic has created a tension that hasn't been there before. Also, there's a lot of Michael in Jesse, and that point was very evident in this episode.

Even more evident is that Michael may be too close to the situation to realize just how volatile things might get once Jesse learns the truth. Fortunately, at least one person who cares about Michael is aware of what's going on. But will Michael do something about it before the spit hits the fan? Hmm ... I guess we'll have to wait and see.

More on that and how to spice up the hummus: read on.

Jesse has a similar background to Michael's, including his sense of fairness. Michael remembers being abused by his father and can't stand to see others being hurt. When Jesse showed that inability to stand by and watch some poor shnook -- Max Perlich playing security guard Hank -- getting beaten while doing surveillance on the docks, his reaction was pure Westen. As Fiona noted, "I like this guy." Of course, she does. So do we. That's the point. Jesse's a good guy. He's like Michael.

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