'The Real Housewives of New York' recap: The pinot grigio strikes back

Good grief did the women throw some low blows last night. I wish for two things this season, neither of which I believe will ever come true. I long for the end of Fashion Week, and I want all this ugliness between Jill and Bethenny to go away. But yikes it seems those two will remain forever estranged. Bethenny misdirected all of her frustration at LuAnn, pouncing on La Contessa at a fashion show. Pissed that LuAnn dared suggest she was suddenly a staple at the shows, Bethenny let loose on her. 'I don't like you, I don't trust, you and I think you're a snake,' she spat. Okay, well, not everybody can be friends, you say snake, she hears skank. But Bethenny wasn't done yet. She wanted LuAnn to know that her sudden allegiance with Jill was totally bogus. 'She's been talking about how you sleep around for the last year to everyone,' she said. LuAnn's face drained of color, and she sat there tight and stunned throughout the show. Bethenny admitted in her private interview that the dig was deeply uncool. Too little, too late.

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