Being Human 'Series 2, Episode 7' Review

Finally! After two weeks of furious water-treading, Annie, George and Mitchell are back on track with possibly the darkest episode of Being Human yet. Actually, back on track mightn't be the best choice of words as the gang's gone so far off the rails it's hard to see how next week's season finale is likely to wrap things up in anything like a tidy fashion.

After weeks of nefarious scheming, Kemp and Jaggat's plans to ensnare our trio and rid the world of evil are close to fruition. Blame Nina's (much-welcome, as far as we're concerned) return into the supernatural fold, with a proposition to rid George of his condition once and for all. Apparently she's forgotten that her own rehabilitation back into the real world nearly ended with her insides blowing out through her ear holes.

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