Review: Life Unexpected - House Inspected Episode 2

Oh, Cate. Had I known you were capable of pulling a lowly, John Edwards-esqe move, I may not have been so ready in praise of you last week. Seriously, the one thing I can not overlook in this episode if how quick Cate was to deny her daughter's existence on her radio show. The same radio show that Cate knows Lux listens to religiously.

Happily enough, everyone else was around to pick up the slack as Lux decides if she really can trust her new parents, and if they, in turn, can earn legal foster parent status.

Get ready to have your heart strings pulled, hard.

As a plot contrivance, Cate's boss demanding she deny paternity to maintain her own-air image was just improbably unbelievable. Let's not even get into how hard it is to keep a stupid secret like that in this day and age with the Internet. I mean, why go through the trouble of being the foster parent if you can't own up to it publicly?

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