Review: 24 - 8:00PM-9:00PM

I think this season just blew up. After loving the first four hours in last week's two-night 24 premiere, hour five of Jack Bauer's eighth bad day crashed and burned pretty hard. While the main plot involving Jack and Renee is worth watching, it still has one big glaring misstep that I had a hard time getting over last night. As for the rest of the minor subplots? We can only hope they tie in to the rest of the story, because right now, very little of it is interesting.

After Hastings allowed Renee to resume her cover with the Russians last week, things got exciting fast when she cut off Zia's finger -- it seemed as though Renee was picking up right where Jack left off. But now, as details of her previous undercover stint emerge, it just doesn't jive with what we know about Renee.

She was a mole years ago, well before Day 7 in DC with Jack and while right now, she's a bit crazy, last season that side of her wasn't there at all. Yet, if Vlad, the Russian ringleader had beaten her and attempted to rape her as Jack and Chloe discovered, isn't it fair to assume that she would have carried some of that mental luggage with her last season? This was obviously a thread created just to supplement this season, but it's negating all that we knew about Renee.

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