Review: House - Remorse Season 6, Episode 11

Ever since the season six premiere way back in September, one of the biggest complaints that I've heard or read House fans make is how the show's creative team seemed to abandon any of House's lessons from therapy. He no longer seemed to be getting better and for the most part, House was back to his old crotchety self, thus negating his stay at Mayfield.

That quote up above from Wilson felt like a little bit of an inside joke -- the writers get it, too. So with "Remorse," not only did we get the best patient-of-the-week case we've seen this season, but we also got to see House trying ... a little. But, to make a pun, if it ain't "broken," don't fix it, and crotchety House still works.

Look at it this way -- if House had the same switch flipped in his brain that Valerie had, then he'd be a blubbering fool too, telling everyone how he really felt about them. The way House is now, virtually emotionless and chock-full of sharp-tongued insults that vaguely mask how he really feels, is far more entertaining.

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