Review: Damages - Your Secrets Are Safe (season premiere) Season 3, Episode 1

Patty Hewes for the people? No way. In tonight's season three premiere of Damages, Patty (Glenn Close) may have been appointed by the government to recover billions of stolen assets from scheming financier Louis Tobin (Len Cariou), but let's be honest here -- this is Patty Hewes.

When her name is on the line, you better believe that's all that matters. She's set on finding all that money, but it's to make her look good and has nothing to do with the welfare of Tobin's thousands of victims. With a stellar record as of late (Frobisher and UNR), losing this battle would be a huge blow to Patty's public image. So, knowing all that, what do you think about Det. Huntley's question now? Could someone have tried to kill Patty on purpose?

It's been ten months since the UNR case wrapped up and Ellen Parsons (Rose Byrne) bolted from Hewes & Associates for a public defender's position at the D.A.'s office. But as luck would have it, Ellen's new boss Curtis is determined to put Lou Tobin away immediately for his ponzi scheme crimes. The only problem with that? Patty needs Louis out of jail for as long as possible if she ever wants to find any money he may have hidden for his family. Talk about competing interests. Looks like Patty was right, though, because Ellen is back in the mix.

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