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Referenced on Desperate Housewives?

Did anybody watching the season finale of Desperate Housewives this week happen to catch that when Susan and Mike were discussing baby names that the first three she suggested were Peyton ("I won't name my child after a football player..."), Lucas ("Sounds like mucus" and Nathanial?

Think that was a reference to One Tree Hill (and perhaps the fact that Housewives too has decided to take the 'jump 5 years' route) or just a coincidence?


| 17:05 EDT, 07 Jun, 2008
it was peyton for sure...go back and watch it again...definitely peyton
| 13:31 EDT, 07 Jun, 2008
Hmm actually i do think it was phillip...
| 21:09 EDT, 24 May, 2008
Yes...the football player reference was to Peyton Manning I imagine...
| 18:30 EDT, 24 May, 2008
nope it was definitly peyton not phillip. i love the name peyton so i perked up when i heard that!!
| 09:18 EDT, 24 May, 2008
She didn't suggested Peyton when she said "I won't name my child after a football player...", the name she said was Philipp if I remember correctly. But I had the same reaction that you when they thought about Lucas.
| 22:16 EDT, 22 May, 2008
thats weird

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